mardi 16 février 2016

Take Care
Every once in a while you'll hear some words that will comfort you in the idea that you're doing the right things & going in the right direction. 

After a last minute decision to make my way to Toronto for All Star Weekend I logged onto Twitter to find out that Bryan Espiritu (founder of LegendsLeague) and Ronnie Fieg (founder of KITH) were going to give a talk on entrepreneurship that weekend. 

I've been following both Espiritu and Fieg for a couple of years and their moves are nothing short of inspiring so I - obviously - signed up to attend the Shopify-powered event. 

At the hour long conversation, they discussed the importance of doing what your gut tell you is right, never compromising your vision and being committed to your goal. They also touched on the subject of surrounding yourself with a team that you feel will grow with you, help you grow and will be as committed to the vision as you are. In the words of Fieg, "you get to a certain point and from there you are only going to get as far as your team can get you". 

This was honestly one of these moment where every word resonates because they are saying what you think but can't find a way to phrase properly. It left me inspired and ready to get to work on a project me and a friend have been plotting on for a little while. You need to find time for the things that you want to make happen and if need be, be a boring friend from time. 

I'm hoping that a video becomes available soon so I can update the post with it and the many gems they shared. 

I only write when I see or experience things that inspire me to do so.